Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect Prior, During, and After BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy

Do BrainCore Treatments Hurt?

In short, no.  BrainCore treatments, so long as they’re performed by a professional should always be painless from start to finish.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?

Unfortunately, at this time, medical insurance companies do not cover BrainCore therapy.  However, it is an eligible expense for Health Spending and Flex Spending Accounts. In some scenarios, it may require a written physician’s note to submit to your insurance company which we’ll happily provide.  

Do I need to Fast for my Treatment?

It’s not required for you to fast or drink only fluids before your BrainCore therapy session. Rather, we recommend that you eat a well-balanced meal and drink plenty of water prior to your visit so that your brain is performing at optimal levels during it’s Braincore therapy session.

Can I Return to Work After?

You may want to plan your treatments so that you have a few hours to recover before returning to work.  We recommend giving yourself a few hours of down time post treatment. Some of our patients choose to schedule their appointments later in the day or on the weekend when available.

What preparations should I make for my BrainCore treatment?

Prior to your BrainCore therapy,  you will want to eat a balanced meal, drink plenty of water and avoid drinking any alcohol the same day as your appointment. Take all medicines as normal that day. 

What Can I Expect to Feel from the Treatment?

Patients report feeling less anxious, relaxed, grounded, less stressed, and more focused after a BrainCore therapy session. Some patients have mentioned feeling tired afterwards due to the exercise their brain undertakes during each session.

Neurofeedback therapy is your chance to begin a new way of thinking and doing every day.  Contact Evolution Medical Associates today to book your first session to begin living a healthier, more fulfilling life.