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How does BrainCore therapy help people?  Check out these inspiring testimonial videos below to learn more about the life changing benefits of BrainCore!  


The standard protocol for anxiety is the prescription of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) also known as anti-depressants.  The effects are of course temporary, and with a list of side-effects.  BrainCore therapy works amazingly to treat Anxiety, completely drug free!  

Autism & Spectrum Disorders

Are There Noted Improvements For Autism?
Improvements from neurofeedback that have been clinically observed include: initiation of touch and contact, reduced emotional outbursts, clear speech patterns, better responses to parental and teacher instructions, increased imaginative thought, decreased hyperactivity and improvement of social skills. The answer it YES!   


 Can BrainCore therapy assist people living with ADD/ADHD?  

Yes! Neurofeedback works great for kids too! Why cover up symptoms with pharmaceuticals when you could fix the issues at the root of the problem?


 In dealing with depression, many neurofeedback therapists place an electrode on the scalp over each side of the brain and train the individual to increase alpha brain waves on the right side while reducing it on the left side. As the left side of the brain becomes more active, individuals begin to feel more positive in their moods. The abnormal brainwave activity diminishes over a period of training sessions improving brainwave patterns. When function is improved, mood is improved and outcomes are optimized.


Clinical studies have shown neurofeedback to be an effective, drugless, natural approach to insomnia, especially for people who have struggled for years. If you are ready to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep, for improved energy, health and wellbeing, then it’s time to relax and reward your brain for improved function with BrainCore Neurofeedback.

Why Should I Consider BrainCore Neurofeedback?
BrainCore neurofeedback therapy specialists are able to map your brain and see exactly where the imbalance is and to what extent.

Memory Loss

How Can Neurofeedback Help My Memory?
Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to create new neural pathways. This puts you in the driver’s seat of reclaiming and optimizing your health. Your brain is not hard-wired, it is not limited or fixed in it’s abilities to heal. When the imbalance is removed and brainwaves are regulated, cognitive function improves. The result is an improved ability to remember.

Migraines & Headaches

How Can Neurofeedback Help My Migraines?
Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven system that retrains the brain to create new patterns and responses to incoming triggers and stressors. This new response improves brainwave activity and function. The result is a calmer, happier, healthier brain that has fewer symptoms and flare ups. Studies have shown more than a 54% rate of total cessation of pain and symptoms and 99% reported a decrease in pain and symptoms.  

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