Who Can Benefit from BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy?

If you’re living with any of these conditions, BrainCore neurofeedback therapy could be a life-enhancing treatment for you!

Life is Hard. With BrainCore Therapy, We make it Easy!

If you’ve never been diagnosed with any of these specific conditions, our specialized BrainCore system can scan your brain and our doctors can still determine an effective treatment plan for you.


Effective PTSD Treatments

Overcoming PTSD

Find ease and restore health naturally.
PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) often occurs after a stressful or traumatic event leaving a wake of symptoms in its path. From anxiety and depression to fear, guilt and shame, the emotional toll impacts daily lives, careers and relationships. As a result, most people who suffer from PTSD are looking for an effective way to treat their symptoms so they can get back to living a normal life. Unfortunately, many sufferers experience only limited benefit after trying various therapies and medication. PTSD is a disorder based in the brain. With PTSD, a severe stress response is triggered, the challenge is to teach the brain to turn off the stress response.

The PTSD Effect
Research shows that the traumatic stress experienced by those suffering from PTSD has a lasting change on the brain. It affects the amygdala involved in emotional memory, the hippocampus responsible for long term memory, and prefrontal cortex which modulates emotion. Each of these centers change, negatively impacting brainwave function. Current treatment options include talk therapy and medication but each have their limitations. Talk therapy can take a very long time to resolve the trauma as many suffers aren’t always aware of the trauma. Medication comes with many side effects and is unable to restore healthy brainwave function.

How Can BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy Help PTSD?
The specific areas of the brain affected by PTSD can also be targeted and retrained to produce healthier patterns. This retraining creates a relaxation in the brain and teaches it new ways to handle the stress. As brainwaves are rebalanced and improved, function improves, leading to better mood, sleep, cognitive function and adaptability in daily life. Over time with neurofeedback, as the areas of the brain improve, it has been possible to significantly reduce medications as a person with PTSD begins to maintain a calm state on his or her own.

Can Neurofeedback Help Me?
With many convenient locations featuring leading doctors and highly specialized BrainCore therapists across the United States and abroad, our trusted team can help you. You don’t have to struggle anymore. There are answers, natural corrective solutions exist, request your appointment today so you can gain the support you deserve.


Learning Disabilities and Issues with Focus

Moving Past Learning Disorders

Are conventional treatments taking the wrong approach?
Many of the methods used and promoted to help people with learning disabilities are intended to help a person compensate for or work around their learning difficulties. Why work around the problem when we have the ability to correct the contributing factors found often associated with learning disorders, brainwave imbalance.

How Does Brain Communication Affect Learning?
Key areas of the brain communicate with one another at rapid speeds; but if the timing of this communication is off even slightly, the ability to learn can be impaired. New research shows that “connectivity training”, also known as neurofeedback, appears to consistently improve learning difficulties.

Improve Your Ability to Learn
Braincore neurofeedback has the ability to make a powerfully, positive impact on your ability to learn. Research studies show that several areas of the brain work together in the learning process.

Improving Connectivity
Each session trains the brain to make healthier patterns on its own more consistently with better connectivity and timing. The result is an improved ability to learn, which is long-lasting once patterns are established and holding.

How Can Neurofeedback Help Me Or My Child?
Neurofeedback retrains the brain and helps to re-establish connectivity between key areas of the brain associated with learning.

Working Towards Peak Performance

Peak Performance

You work your body — what about your mind?
Whether you are a professional athlete, a top executive, a weekend warrior, a student athlete, professional or performer, you know that peak performance is essential to your success. But how do you achieve peak performance? The more that is at stake, the greater the need for not only physical training, but brain training for increased brain health as well.

When Performance Drops
Let’s face it, performing at your peak comes with high demands. These physical, mental and emotional impacts often trigger the fight or flight response within your body, which will steal your ability to succeed. When you are in a prolonged state of stress due to the high demands of performing at optimal states, your brain function is impacted. The longer the impact, the greater the imbalance, which leads to decreased function and performance.

How Can Neurofeedback Improve Performance?
Your brain is not hardwired. In fact, it has the ability to create new neural pathways, yes your brain can learn, grow and improve all through life as a result of neuroplasticity. When it comes to improving performance, BrainCore Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven system that trains the brain and allows it to create new pathways and connections. When this occurs, brainwaves are optimized which improves communication and function throughout the brain and body.

What Can Neurofeedback Improve?

  • Depth and quality of sleep for greater physical and mental stamina
  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Concentration
  • Adaptability and mental cognition
  • Rate of mental processing
  • Memory

How Can Neurofeedback Help Me?
A fit body needs a fit brain — neurofeedback can help you train your brain as well as your body, achieving total fitness.