Personalized Medicine Pricing

Concierge Medicine

Age 35 and under: $800/year or $69/month

Age 36-50: $1200/year or $100/month

Age 51-60: $2000/yr or $169/month

Age 61+: $3000/yr or $250/month

Medicare: $2500/yr or $210/month 

2 members same family 61+: $2500 each

Uncomplicated medical history- physician discretion

*Speak with Dr. Kramp personally to learn more.*

Physical Therapy

$85/hour $45/ half hour

$85 Per 1 Hr Session

$120 per single session

$100 Initial Consultation and Deposit (Phone consult 20 mins, deposit for map session)

$300 Functional Brain Map and Full Interview (60-90 mins)

$150 Re-mapping Session

Packages: (Package rates are 22% discounted from singular sessions, plus free sessions)

15 neurofeedback brain training sessions with 1 free session ($1400)

20 neurofeedback brain training sessions with 2 free sessions ($1800)

30 neurofeedback brain training sessions with 3 free sessions and free consultation ($2700)


Our personalized medicine pricing is subject to change depending upon our patients’ unique needs and care.  Talk with our doctors about your personalized medicine pricing prior to your visit.  Call, email, or get in touch with us on social media.